Geoff Brooman is an audio engineer based in North Wales and the North West, UK. In 2012 he graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a first in Audio Production. From age 10, Geoff began writing and recording electronic music using the digital audio workstation Propellerhead Reason. It was here that his passion for music and audio was born, out of which he began developing a skillset of sound design, composition and field recording. Geoff was entirely self-taught as both a musician and a producer up until his time at university.

During his degree, Geoff began exploring his interest of synthesis and soundscapes. Much of what he learned during this time shaped his future taste and style when it came to producing audio professionally for his clients. One example of his individual style shows through his work on the video game soundtrack for The Final Station.

After graduating, Geoff immediately began working as a sound engineer for various organisations. This work has involved producing high quality audio for video games, YouTube content, bands, charity functions/radio and podcasts. Geoff has also worked designing and building recording studios, both in client's homes and at commercial premises.

"When it comes to audio, my principles are tried and true. I know what people want. I know the end result they’re trying to achieve. And I know how to give it to them. As an artist, I can help you create audio for your next project that creates an emotion your audience will never forget. Talk to me about how I can make it happen."

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